The purpose of Value Added Services is two fold:

  • To offer necessary ancillary services to our fleet under management, as an attractive critical mass is available for certain products & services.
  • At the same time, by offering the same products and services to external customers, to enable the company to move up the value chain. This philosophy allows us to leverage both the power of co-operation across stakeholders and also the cross-selling opportunities that naturally arise.

The Value Added Services group thus comprises all support and associated activities outside but related to the core activity of ship management.

The wide range of products and services that the Value Added Services group currently offers includes:

  • Pre Purchase Inspection
  • Chartering & Brokering Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Port Agencies
  • Ship Chandelling
  • Ship Spares

Each product or service is delivered by a dedicated team of professionals who are highly specialized and experienced in that particular field.

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