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Crew Management

Our seafarers are continuously monitored, guided, coached and mentored by our highly trained and experienced Technical and Marine Superintendents, who bring years of specialist experience to the job and are supported by a capable and robust support infrastructure ashore.


The onboard crew is at the forefront of all activities and the key to a vessel's safe and smooth day to day operations. At Hermes Ship Management Pvt. Ltd We understand that crew management is one of the most important factors in running the vessels we manage and we are fully aware that safeguarding these vessels and their owner's interests requires the highly efficient utilization of the crew .We maintain highly qualified, motivated and dedicated seafarers who fulfill the requirements of this Highly Demanding Industry.


We also specialize in providing Highly Capable crew for reactivating the laid up vessels or taking over the vessels, for a Single Delivery Voyage to Ship Breakers Yard. These crew has the Extensive experience and know how to carry out this type of job.