Hermes Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.

Value Added Services

The purpose of Value Added Services is two fold:
  • We have a team of dedicated and experienced EX Masters + EX Chief Engineers who understand the pulse of the shipping market. We provide 24 x 7 support to our clients while dealing through various operations related to vessels. We have a vast experience in managing all type of ships, especially dry bulk, towing tugs and cargo vessels..
  • We have fully dedicated ISM and Quality cell keeping in mind the ever increasing strict IMO requirements towards safe operations of ships and environmental protection.

The Value Added Services group thus comprises all support and associated activities outside but related to the core activity of ship management.

The wide range of products and services that the Value Added Services group currently offers includes:

  • Pre Purchase Inspection
  • Chartering & Brokering Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Port Agencies
  • Ship Chandelling
  • Ship Spares

Each product or service is delivered by a dedicated team of professionals who are highly specialized and experienced in that particular field.